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Pixel Laser Escape


Warning: Pixel Laser Escape is highly Addictive game. Pixel Laser Escape is an Endless and ultimate strategy game. Which will engage you for long time in the game.
Pixel Laser Escape is Endless and most Addictive game ever played.
Pixel Laser Escape is need lot of concentration to play. This game is just like a puzzle. How you’re going to escape from the laser gun is the main strategy in the game.
We have integrated Leader boards and you can compete with the world to grab the first place in the game.
How to Play: Pixel Laser Escape is easy to play but you need a strategy to escape from incoming laser rays.
You need to tap on the screen to move the Pixel from one block from another block, there are laser guns placed randomly on its path and they will fire laser random time intervals in given direction.
You need to jump block by block and avoid incoming laser in order to alive in the game and go as far as possible to climb up in the leader board.
If your Pixel hit by a laser then game over and you needs to start from the beginning.